Early Dismissals/Absences

When students leave early or are absent, they are responsible to make up any missed work. If they are absent for one day, they will have two days to make up their missing work. If a student is absent on a day of a test, he/she will be expected to make up the test upon their return to school. If you plan to pick up your child's work or send it home with another student, please notify the office in the morning. This way we will be able to put all together for the end of the day.


Homework will be given each night( Mondays through Thursdays) and sometimes on Fridays.Homework will be counted as a test grade for each given subject. Five points will be deducted for each missing assignment.

Writing Expectations

Criteria for assigned papers;

Mechanics- spelling, cpitalization, and puctuation

Appearance- papers should either be typed or written neatly in cursive. Hand written papers are to be done in ink (blue or black) only. Papers should be done in a reasonable font. Do not use a large font to make your paper look longer than it actually is. All work must have a full heading. Any papers shorter than the required length discussed in class will lose points.

Note ** All work must be original. Please do not copy or paste. This is plagairism. Any paper that is plagairized will receive a grade of F. It will be rewritten and regraded.



I will not drop any grades or give extra credit. There is plenty of opportunity for all students to succeed. ( For example tests/quizzes/homework and so on) I always give plenty of notice prior to all tests. However, students are expected to review material covered at home. I do not give surprise quizzes or tests. All failing grades must be signed and returned by a parent.(within 3 days) You may send a note in stating that you saw the paper if it can not be found. Any papers not returned will result in a detention.

Grading Policy

A+ 100-98

A 97-94

A- 93-90

B+ 89-87

B 86-83

B- 82-80

C+ 79-77

C 76-73

C- 72-70

D 69-65

F below 65

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